A Story Worth Telling Animated Video

I built on the animation knowledge I acquired from previous projects and produced an educational video based on the Transportation revolution. I got the information in the video from the Ohio History Connection. The end result was a 4 to 5-minute video that featured animated graphics designed by my partner and I generated, as well as utilizing sound effects, music, and a narrated script with all of the information. We took into account the age of our target audience, which was middle schoolers, as well as we wanted to make sure they were taking in information that was new and engaging.

This was the longest and most challenging project of the semester for this animation course because we had to make sure we were presenting factual information, as well as we were designing engaging graphics. This video took over a month to create due to all of the different people we worked with and parts that were involved. I learned a lot about working for a client in this final project. Although my partner and I worked on different halves of the video (mine being the second half at the point of Lambert's vehicle and accident) I feel like the video flows together nicely and could be used to teach students. 

After receiving feedback from the Ohio History Connection researchers and curators, my partner and I added a name tag to the character "George" to make it more understandable that he is always George no matter the time or outfit, as well as we changed the timeline look and ending clip. I am overall proud of this video and believe it has great potential to be used in a classroom setting to teach students about the Transportation Revolution.