Chess Redesign

In this project, alongside my partner, I recreated the game pieces in chess to resemble a different narrative. After collaborating and ideating, we decided on the fire vs ice narrative. My role was to focus the craft on the fire pieces, which included designs such as firewood, lightning, and the sun. To create the designs, I utilized Adobe Illustrator and laser cut the various parts onto black card stock paper. I based my work on certain elements and principles, including shape, scale, unity, and variety. My partner and I decided to have each of our corresponding pieces have the same bounding shape around the silhouette designs. We did this so the viewer could understand which piece is which in the game, as well as they would put the silhouettes on display.

This project was one of the first projects where I felt like I was able to completely explain all of the choices I made throughout the creation process. Everything felt very clear and laid out to me, which left no room for confusion or error. My partner and I communicated efficiently and worked well together, which made this project run smoothly. I struggled with time management between this project and another, which led me to use googled images in my designs. If that weren’t to have been the case, then I would have preferred to create my own designs for the pieces. From this project, I gained a better understanding of how I can collaborate with others on a common goal. I also built on my digital design skills by formatting the pieces. Throughout this project, I strengthened my ability to pull meaning from the various elements and principles of design and find them within the narrative. I truly believe that this allowed my project to turn out fun and unique.