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This assignment allowed me to collaborate with a partner to create a diptych that was based on the design principle movement. After coming up with a variety of ideas and prototypes, my partner and I focused our individual compositions on the theme of the ocean. The two come together as one through the fishing line with an attached fish being pulled out of the water. Instead of creating one individual mechanism, there are multiple on each diptych to emphasize the principle of movement. This principle is also supported by others, including shape, line, form, and space. My mechanisms focus on more swift, pulling motions because that is how the wind works above the ocean. In contrast, my partner's mechanic motions are more free-flowing because they are underwater. The diptychs were created primarily with black and white card stock paper and supported with Bristol paper, glue, and split pins. We chose to not use colored paper to keep the viewer's attention on the overall principle of movement instead of any other colorful additions.

This project taught me a lot about the importance of movement and narrative within the design. I also learned how to practice and expand concept-building strategies through prototyping various models. I believe I struggled the most with gluing everything down while creating the final composition. As the pieces are pulled and turned, the glue pulls up a little bit, which negatively affects the overall piece. Other than the crafting issue, I believe the narrative works well with the movements applied. I believe if I were to re-do this project, I would place more time on researching the different ways to craft the movements because I believe there were more efficient and creative ways to move the designs. I think that this project tested my abilities to work collaboratively, as well as it tested my ways of thinking like a designer.