Entemology Symbol System

This final project focused on designing symbols, a poster, and a shopping bag (pattern) for the Entomology Exhibit at the Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City called "Insectopolis". The project guidelines allowed me to design environmental/wayfinding graphics for eight insects and two insect concepts (edible bugs and fossils). From the creation of these symbols, I then created a poster for this exhibit and a pattern that was ultimately placed on a shopping bag. I chose to focus my colored symbol system on the actual look of the insects, as well as the environments they can be found in, instead of being more geometrical or simplistic. I also followed the same approach when I created the secondary symbols because I wanted them to fit in with the entire symbol system.

Although I felt like this final project was rushed, I do believe I generated a strong and cohesive symbol system. Not only do the primary and secondary symbols fit well together, but the pattern on the shopping bag works well too. However, I do believe that the final poster could have fit with the project better. It isn't bad, but after receiving feedback from my peers and professor, I think the brown overlay over the bark imagery could have been darker to enhance the symbols and types look. I also think the symbols could have been larger on the sides of the poster. Overall, this project was a great learning experience for me because I was able to see what it is like to work on many different parts of a project at the same time. I can use this multitasking skill in the real world when I become a professional in my field.