Final Typography Book

This was a semester-long project that focused on everything that has to do with the typeface Thesis. Throughout the typography book, there is information about Thesis, including the entire type family, facts about it, and more. The book is in the order as it was created, so the work at the front was done at the start of the autumn 2021 semester and the work towards the end at the end of the semester. The entire book was created using InDesign. I designed the front and back covers, as well as the title pages, at the end of the semester after all of the content pages were finished. The design of the book is inspired by the typeface itself because like the lines that extend off of the pages, the Thesis type family also extends a great deal, making it a type superfamily. 

This was the most impactful project I have done so far. I learned a great deal from my professor about the major typefaces created and used today. Aside from Thesis, some included Helvetica, Univers, Futura, and many others. Not only did I learn about the typeface structures and best uses, but I also learned what typefaces pair well with others and some miscellaneous facts, such as the creators, its founding dates, the creation places, and more. Without this design course, I wouldn't have any knowledge of the anatomy of type, kerning, leading, the importance of type placement, and type size. Now that I have completed this typography course, I 100% have a stronger understanding of all things type-related, as well as how I can create a beautiful design with just type instead of relying on imagery.