Five Senses Symbol Design

For my second official project of the semester, I designed a symbol system based on the five senses of the human body. I gathered inspiration from the internet and then designed simple graphics that became the root of my symbol. Once I created these basic forms, such as the ear, face, and hand, I decided to add in the disabled determinants. I chose to create disabled root/determinant symbols because I thought it was an interesting take on the five senses.

This project was challenging for me. I had never had to work meticulously before, so it was new for me to spend so much time and effort on each symbol as I did for this project. Making sure all of the lines and curves were bump-free was difficult, but I feel confident that I have learned a great deal about careful/purposeful design. I chose the purple and yellow color palette for the final symbols because as I researched disability awareness I saw a lot of references to the color yellow. The opposite of yellow on the color is purple, so I felt that these two contrasted each other well with the white outlining.