Food Accordion Book
Final Accordion Book 101.pdf

For this final project, I was again tasked with conceptualizing and designing an accordion book based on food. Instead of going with a food topic that I have worked with before (milk, healthy vs unhealthy, sports, waste, birthday, farm,  and fast food), I decided to choose Coca-Cola as my subject. 

With this project, I walked the viewer through Coca-Cola's history. Through researching Coke, I discovered various facts and images that supported the accordion book's design. As this was focused on its history, I decided to showcase a wide variety of old and new images, as well as I tied in some of Coca-Cola's well-known identity marks, including glass bottles, cans, pop tabs, Polar Bear, and more. 

This project was fun for me because I was able to showcase a brand's iconic history all in an 8 x 112-inch layout. I had never designed anything this large, so it was a challenge for me at times to find things to put on the page, but I am happy with the final result. Above I have included imagery of each square individually, a video of the entire spread, and a pdf of the spread altogether.