Infinite Story

Digital Flipper images

Analog Flipper images


For this project, I showcased a cyclical narrative through the craft of an infinite paper flipper. Although I experimented with a variety of ideas for this project, I ultimately chose the narrative that involved the viewer feeling as if they’re entering a fantastical world through a door, which was based on the Chronicles of Narnia series. I crafted the paper flipper from white computer paper and glue. The imagery on the flipper was designed using the app Procreate on the iPad. I prioritized activating various design elements and principles within my piece, which included color, emphasis, and contrast. I chose to make the “real world” look duller with the colors I chose and the “fantasy world” more bright to bring the viewers eyes towards my piece.

I enjoyed the digital aspect of this project more than the analog. I found it difficult to craft the flipper due to the glue not wanting to continuously bend with the paper, which ultimately affected my craft. Creating the images on Procreate was not too difficult, but again due to the papercraft, they ended up looking slightly unproportional. All in all, I was engaged with this project from start to finish because the flipper narrative was based on the Chronicles of Narnia movies, which I watched growing up. I learned while working that a progression of time can be demonstrated through imagery with aid from a specific narrative. Although the craft of the paper flipper was lacking, I feel that the digital imagery I created made up for it. From this project, I now understand how one can design a narrative concisely while still maintaining the aspect of time. I really enjoyed working on this project because it allowed me to delve deeper into my imagination, which I feel the real world is lacking at times as we continue to age. As a designer, I feel that having a fun fantastical outlook at times makes the work more worthwhile and enjoyable.