Data Dashboard for Behavioral Change

Project Overview

The goal of this project is to create a data dashboard for mobile devices that motivates users to change their behavior by providing relevant and actionable data. The dashboard will track progress toward users goals and provide feedback and guidance to help them make more informed decisions and achieve their desired outcomes. I designed an app that helps fashion consumers learn if the brands they shop at are sustainable and ethical. 

By uploading their receipts, they can earn points that can be redeemed for rewards. Users can also add friends on the app and see where they're shopping, what they're buying, and what their experience was with the brand. By viewing the top brands they shopped at each year, users get a breakdown of how much they spent and the brands ethical & sustainable scores. The dashboard also features brands fast fashion ranking, sustainability statement, shopper reviews, and where their clothing is made.

Software Used

Figma & Adobe Photoshop

Ideation Sketches

User Testing & Results

Where would you click to view the top brands you've bought from?

On the same image, where would you click to look up a brands scores and other info?

Where would you click to see the scores and amount of money you've spent at H&M?

After running this user testing, I decided to add the money amount spent at each store onto the pie chart & include the total amount spent. I also decided to take the pie chart off of the progress tracking graphic and change up the layout of the screen.

UI Style Guide

Descriptive Words: Inclusive, Friendly, Bright, Down-to-Earth, Natural







Final Prototype

Screen Recording 2023-04-26 at 3.22.45


This was a great project to round out the semester with. I liked that it was really open ended and I had a lot of creative freedom. The sustainable and ethical fashion topic I decided on was interesting and I felt like I learned a lot about how to integrate data/infographics into my designs.

Although this was challenging for me at times, especially when it came to figuring out how I would present all of the data I had generated visually, I enjoyed it overall! I could see this expanding into a larger project in the future and possibly even a real app that people can use.