Kinetic Typography Animated Video


Final Video with Sound


Final Video without Sound

As this was my first animation project of the semester, I focused on learning how to design with AfterEffects. I had no prior experience with this Adobe app before taking this course, so it took me a while to work through this project and perfect it. I was tasked with choosing an adjective that started with the first letter of my first (D) or last (R) name and animating it based on what it stood for. I ended up choosing the advective Dangle. My final storyboard before animating the word is shown above, as well as the final video with and without sound.

I learned a lot about animation throughout working on this project. I really enjoyed working with AfterEffects and creating a fun animatic. At first, I thought creating a storyboard wasn't helpful because with my past projects I had never planned anything out, yet as I began to work I felt that I couldn't visualize what I wanted to do for each frame, so working with the storyboards ended up being beneficial. I think the final animated video of the work dangle represents the adjective well as it is doing what it's described as.