Mandala Color Studies

Primary color Mandala

Monochromatic color Mandala

I furthered my investigations found in the Mandala Pattern assignment by testing basic color theory applications and definitions. After testing various color schemes, the two I chose were the blue monochromatic and the primary. The blue monochromatic fit well with the ocean theme that the mandala already had, which is why I decided to utilize it for the first colored mandala. I wanted the second mandala to be more fun and out of the box, which is why I decided on the primary color scheme. The colors all together remind me of the circus, which is fun and wild. Overall, my main goal for this project was to see how various colors can make the same design feel different.

This project was very relaxing and enjoyable for me because I like coloring on the iPad. It was less stressful than projects before because, for one, it didn’t require as much iterating, and I also enjoyed the color combinations I chose. The one struggle I had with this project though was I had to use procreate to color every little part. This was because the app I created the mandala on kept crashing due to the high number of layers present. Overall, from this project I learned that color can influence the way a design is experienced. An all-red design may create feelings of anger or passion within a viewer, but an all-blue design could evoke calm or relaxed feelings. Additionally, I was able to see how color can impact how the design elements and principles are viewed within a composition.