Motion as Branding & Animated Video

In this animation project, I implemented motion as a means of communicating the essential qualities of a re-designed identity mark of an existing brand. At the start, this was a group project and we decided to choose Converse as our existing brand. After we agreed upon a brand, we then each came up with our own concepts for a logo re-design. I strived to make the brand more playful as well as help the potential customer understand that this is a worldwide brand that anyone can wear. To do this I created two different animated gifs, one with expected movements and one with unexpected movements, as well as I also created the overall non-animated re-designed identity mark. 

This project was not as difficult as the others before because I have now gotten the hang of working with Adobe After Effects, as well as how I can utilize many of the different Adobe apps within After Effects. I liked re-designing an identity mark for an existing brand because it allowed me to express my individuality and creativity while still following along with the brand's overall message. I thought the smooshing of the text under the shoe was interesting and not done before by Converse which is why I ultimately went with that. I would like to work more with re-designing identity marks for existing companies. I believe that as I grow into my professional design career I will continue to do this as I am seeing more and more companies change up their branding to have a more technological or advanced feel.