Data Dashboard for Behavioral Change

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Delta Spirits

Ohio State Creative & Branding Internship

Environmental Wellness Infographic

Things are Strange in the '80s: A Virtual Reality Experience

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Applications of the Visual Mark

Visual Mark & Variations

Ohio State Women's Soccer

Ohio State Block O Student Org

Design Research 2


Food Accordion Book

Design Media

A Story Worth Telling Animated Video

Type & Image Posters

Type & Image Food Diary Sketchbook

Final Typography Book

Entemology Symbol System

Sign Prototype & Simulation

Motion as Branding Logo & Animated Video

Five Senses Symbol Design

Poetry in Motion Animated Video


Gifting Design

Kinetic Typography Animated Video

Chess Redesign

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Infinite Story


Interpretive Collage

Inventive PortraitureĀ 

Mandala Color Studies

Mandala Pattern

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Shape Grammar