Reconstructed Drawings

City Skyline at a Long-shot View

City Skyline at a Worm’s Eye View

In this assignment, using observation, I chose a space that brought forth a specific feeling in the viewer. By then manipulating the same space, using elements of design, such as form and proportion, different feelings were evoked. The space I chose was a city skyline. The first digitally drawn image is the city skyline in a long-shot view, which elicits a calm or content feeling. Then to manipulate this shot, the second drawing is of the same city skyline, but now in a worm’s eye view to evoke a nervous or sad feeling. To create these images, I utilized reference photos found on google and then digitally drew them with my iPad on the app Procreate. These two digital drawings will present the same subject matter but will communicate opposite energies through manipulation techniques, such as reworking lines and shapes to change the setting from one way to another. 

While creating the reconstructed drawings, I gained a better understanding of how a change in view can change the feelings induced by that space. This project was one of the easier and quicker projects I completed based on the time frame and required work needed. After finalizing the work, I realized perspective is very important to the viewer due to the fact that a space can be interpreted differently from a new angle. For example, if something is seen high in the air it may seem magical and breathtaking, but if the same thing is seen in the dark or low below it, it may appear scary. Before this project, I had never used Procreate before, but I found it fun to play around and generate my ideas with it. Although this was a shorter project, I learned the different ways to manipulate an object’s form, as well as how feelings can change when that is done.