This project focused on creating a shadow box that reveals an image when light is introduced and conceals the image when light is taken away. The imagery is based on a single homonym and created utilizing Adobe Illustrator and analog building methods. The homonym I chose is sight and site. After iterating on my ideas, the imagery I chose for sight was eyeglasses. Then for site, the imagery I landed on was a city view with the Eiffel tower in the back. When a light source is introduced, the Eiffel tower shows through making it a significant site. When the light is off then the scenery just becomes glasses with a normal city. The design elements and principles within the project change when the light differs, which can include pattern, emphasis, and space. My overall goal for this project was to offer a vast imagery change even if the words are very similar. This project allowed me to play with composition with a play on words.

This project was one of the more challenging projects for me because I struggled with finding strong imagery to go together. I came up with many iterations before landing on a final idea, which stressed me out throughout the course of this project. One thing I now know from completing this project is that a viewer can see something different once an element as simple as light is added or taken away. With the way I constructed this piece, I saw how easily a designer could manipulate the viewer's perspective and feelings on a composition. I now also understand that ideas can be communicated with more than words. Before this project, I hadn’t had to create a 3D structure as difficult as this, but now that I have I understand how volume, space, and other building techniques are vital to perfecting the design. Overall, this project challenged me in more ways than one, but in the end, I am happy with the final result because I know it is the best out of all of the ideas I created.