Type & Image Posters

I expressed a message through the design of two posters. The two messages I chose were based on the experiences I had worked on in the previous project. The first poster (left) was centered around typography with imagery being secondary and the second poster (right) was the opposite. For the left poster, I chose to work with a video game/PackMan aesthetic to go along with the junk food vs healthy food topic because I wanted it to be eye-catching to a wide variety of viewers, as well as still have an impact. I wanted to play with a slogan that many individuals already knew with the right poster. I think that the Got Milk? ad campaign was well done many years ago, so I thought it would be interesting to see what I could do with it now. 

This project was difficult for me because I decided to change my poster idea many, many times. I jumped right into designing the posters, instead of researching ideas and messages before. This ultimately set me back in the design process because I started from the beginning about two and a half weeks into the project time frame. Other than that I felt like the two posters turned out well. I thought learning about printing large posters was beneficial as well as learning how to properly incorporate type and image together while making sure one stood out over the other.