Visual Mark and Variations

This was the first part of a rebranding project for the organization CASA. This stands for Court Appointed Special Advocate. 

Through the creation of this first project, I went through many critique sessions and received feedback from my instructor, peers, and guest critics that visited the class for a day. I was able to utilize their feedback in my final mark design. Before submitting my final mark, I sent out an anonymous google survey to my friends and family to gain feedback on if the mark represented the five characteristics that I set at the start of the project. I also learned about the importance of printing in CMYK and how to save a PDF in CMYK printing, which allowed my colors to print at a higher quality. 

Now that I have completed this step in the re-branding process, I will focus on designing secondary symbols, a stationery system,  and any other applications that can be implemented in the branding system.